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  Visayas Community Medical Center : Department of Internal Medicine

Visayas Community Medical Center
Department of Internal Medicine

 Cebu City, Philippines



Visayas Community Medical Center, a church-owned institution of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), envisions to provide a holistic quality patient care in the hospital and in the community settings through competent, compassionate and dedicated staff using the state-of-the-art technology.



VCMC commits its life, work and resources to a holistic healing ministry as an act of obedience to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ for the attainment of a wholesome individual and community life through the conduct of preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care delivery system.



1.Crafts and conducts training and development programs to enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and Christian commitment of all personnel in the holistic healing ministry of the hospital.

2.Creates a safe environment for patients and personnel.

3.Provides tender loving care to patients.

4.Enhances the pastoral care and counseling department.

5.Supports the development of a harmonious relationship among staff, patients and the wider community.

6.Encourages personnel to actively participate and involve themselves in community outreach programs.

7.Provides appropriate facilities and equipment based on needs.

8.Aggressively establishes partnerships and ecumenical relationships with other agencies and institutions.

9.Continuously instills Christian values formation among personnel.



On the 6th of April 1952, the first building was erected by the American Missionaries in a prime property owned by the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. It was a joint project of the Presbyterian Mission of the United States of America and the emerging United Church of Christ in the Pgilippines. It was called the Cebu Evangelical Hospital.

To erase the impression that the hospital was to serve only the “evangelical” or “protestant”, the name was changed to Cebu Community Hospital in the late 1960’s. Subsequently, in 1982 it was changed to Metro Cebu Community Hospital upon its incorporation and later still in 1999, to Visayas Community Medical Center (VCMC) to further emphasize its scope of service which includes neighboring islands of the Visayas and even northern Mindanao.

The present 3-storey main building at the center of the Visayas Community Medical Center complex was to the first to be built in 1952 and was the biggest and tallest structure in Jones Avenue (now Osmena Boulevard) at that time. It was built using funds provided bu the Presbyterian mission Board and a counterpart contribution by local churches of the Cebu Conference. For a mere 25 bed capacity hospital, more buildings were built. There was the Graham Memorial wing in 1968 which increased the capacity to 71 at that time. Today, the Visayas Community Medical Center is a 200 bed capacity, tertiary level IV hospital, catering to the quality health care needs of the people of the Visayas and even in Mindanao. It has come a long way from its humble beginning in 1952. Until today, VCMC has not lost track of its mission as a service arm of the UCCP in its healing ministry, but has taken the challenge of reaching out to more people and to the wider community.



•Family Medicine

•Internal Medicine

•Obstetrics and Gynecology




Services offered:

•Computed Tomography Scanning


•Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

•2 D Echocardiography

•Carotid, trans-cranial, peripheral artery and venous doppler scanning

•Electrocardiography and Stress Test

•Ultrasound (including a 4D Obstetric/Prenatal Ultrasound)

•Community Outreach Programs 

•Clinical Pastoral Education training 

•Chaplaincy Services





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