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  OPD Consultants

Department of Internal Medicine

OPD Consultants 2010


Jan 1-10    Dr. Baclayon ,Uriel

Jan 11-20  Dr. Batoctoy, Brett

Jan 21-31  Dr. Eribal, Maritzie


Feb 1-10   Dr. Escarda, Ruben

Feb 11-20 Dr. Kuan, Arlene

Feb 21-28 Dr. Monteclaro,Minnie


Mar 1-10  Dr. Salgado, Leilanie

Mar11-20 Dr. Baclayon ,Uriel

Mar 21-31 Dr. Batoctoy, Brett


Apr 1-10   Dr. Eribal, Maritzie

 Apr 11-20 Dr. Escarda, Ruben

Apr 21-30 Dr. Kuan, Arlene


May1-10   Dr. Monteclaro,Minnie

May11-20 Dr. Salgado, Leilanie

May21-31 Dr. Baclayon ,Uriel


June1-10   Dr. Batoctoy, Brett

June11-20 Dr. Eribal, Maritzie

June21-30 Dr. Escarda, Ruben


July 1-10   Dr. Kuan, Arlene
Dr. Monteclaro,Minnie

July21-30 Dr. Salgado, Leilanie


 Aug1-10   Dr. Baclayon ,Uriel

Aug11-20 Dr. Batoctoy, Brett

Aug 21-31 Dr. Eribal, Maritzie


Sep 1-10    Dr. Escarda, Ruben

Sep11-20   Dr. Kuan, Arlene

Sep21-30   Dr. Monteclaro,Minnie


Oct 1-10   Dr. Salgado, Leilanie

Oct11-20  Dr. Baclayon ,Uriel

Oct21-31  Dr. Batoctoy, Brett


Nov 1-10   Dr. Eribal, Maritzie

Nov11-20  Dr. Escarda, Ruben

Nov21-30  Dr. Kuan, Arlene


Dec 1-10-  Dr. Monteclaro,Minnie

 Dec 11-20 Dr. Salgado, Leilanie

Dec 21-31 Dr. Baclayon ,Uriel



Amelita S Guangko, MD
Department of Internal Medicine

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