Welcome to the official website of the Department of Internal Medicine, Visayas Community Medical Center, Cebu City, Philippines [tel # 032-253-1901, loc 291]
  Visayas Community Medical Center : Department of Internal Medicine
Dr. Elizabeth Aguilar (Cardio)
Dr. Joseph Antigua (Rheuma)
Dr. Vicente Avanzado Jr. (Gastro)
Dr. Leigh Baclayon (Pulmo)
Dr. Uriel Baclayon (Nephro)
Dr. Brett Batoctoy (Cardio)
Dr. Benny Barbas (Cardio)
Dr. Michellene Buot (Psychia)
Dr. Leilani Yee-Cabahug (Hema)
Dr. Emerito Calderon (Neuro)
Dr. Pilberito Chin (Cardio)
Dr. Grecia Darunday (Nephro)
Dr. Rhoel James Timothy Dejano (Rehab Med)
Dr. Manuel Emerson Donaldo (Rheuma)
Dr. Renan Dungog (Gen Med)
Dr. Dennis Entera (Gastro)
Dr. Maritzie Eribal (Neuro)
Dr. Reuben Escarda (Pulmo)
Dr. Ronald Eullaran (Rheuma)
Dr. Carolyn Fermin (Cardio)
Dr. Mary Jeanne Flordelis (Rehab Med)
Dr. Victor Gonzales (Cardio)
Dr. Amelita Guangko (General Med)
Dr. Annabelle Guardiario (Pulmo)
Dr. Arlene Gutierrez (Infectious)
Dr. Elfleda Hernandez (Infectious)
Dr. Arlene Kuan (Gastro)
Dr. Pek Eng Lim (Gastro)
Dr. Generoso Matiga (Cardio)
Dr. Evan Mendoza (Pulmo)
Dr. Edgar Molleno (Cardio)
Dr. Minnie H. Monteclaro (Nephro)
Dr. Mercedes Mujeres (Infectious)
Dr. Pureza Onate (Psychia)
Dr. Leslie Ong (Gastro)
Dr. Tomas Polloso (Pulmo)
Dr. Cesar Quiza (Nephro)
Dr. Leilani Salgado (Gastro)
Dr. Ellie May Villegas (Onco)
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